Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best science presentation name of the week goes to: "What to do when your mate is sexy" courtesy of my good friend Lindsey Walters . Don't the name fool you, it's actually about House Wrens, but it's pretty cool!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well hello there Blogosphere! It has been a while hasn't it? I could spend paragraph after paragraph recapping everything exciting thats happened since the last time I blogged, but I'm not going to go do that because I'm lazy. Instead you my dear readers get a recap of recent events with even some audio/visual aids. Lets begin!

The last set of shows at Geva saw our fearless Improv leader Tim Goodwin depart us for Lake George NY. After everyone was able to process this sad news the good Paul Nellis knew exactly what we had to do, create a music video tribute. And thus we did

I have to say it turned out really well and it only took about 12 hours or so including the actual filming. We surprised Tim with the video at the end of his last show and I think he was sufficiently saddned/surprised.

The next big event on this trip of the recent is the start of the wedding season. Two weeks ago was the wedding of Brian and Alex. It was a nice short ceremony followed by a reception at the Rochester Museum! It was my first time there and well worth the freeness it cost to go to it. To fulfill the audio/visual component of our tour here is the happy couple

T.R. feeds our friend the Mastodon a mini-quiche

Then this past weekend was my biggest adventure of the year, a travel to the deep West, yes Michigan! (This is all realtive of course since I've never traveled out of the Eastern Time Zone, it's hard to get much further west) This was of course for the wedding of my oldest friends, Katie. Seen here in probably not the best picture taken of her that day, but the only one I have on my camera The trip was long and arduous, involving my deepest travel into Canada as well. During the drive into Michigan, I encountered a storm to end all storms which ended up hurting my poor car in many places. I also passed a Wal-Mart Supercenter that was spelled Supercentre, I found this quaint and chuckled hardily at my neighbors to the north. Once I found my hotel, room pictured here I traveled out to the game night that Katie was having for her guests. Well it was decided to play a tournament of Texas Holdem. As you can imagine this event didn't end well for all those players whose last name were not Cmar. In a fashion befitting of my Paychex Charity Texas Holdem championship, I took care of all the players with brutal efficiency. And after nearly 3 hours, the princely sum of 40 dollars mine.

The next had the actual wedding ceremony which again was nice and short, a minor miracle given that it was a Catholic wedding. Because of this though there was plenty of time to get to the reception, so a minor detour was taken to Lindsey's house where I finally got to meet Isis! There with her friends Katie and Rob, I was initiated into the ways of Doppelkopf . Despite all the many rules, I think I actually got the hang of it after a while, and I didn't totally suck! Now of course I'll have to actually teach people back here how to play it. We eventually made our way back to the reception where dining, wineing and dancing occurred. The food was really quite good, which is unusual for a wedding where typically the best thing about it is it's freeness. After all that I said my goodbyes and early Sunday morning after finding a Catholic church near my hotel, I set off back for Rochester. I went via Canton, MI and was able to get a very affordable lunch at Ikea.

And with that good readers, I think we're very nearly up to present day. Regardless, I'm tired of typing and my book detailing how Sushi is awesome awaits me. until next time I leave you with a quote from my favorite fiction book of the moment.

"When your lab explodes, lacing your body with a super charged elixir, what do you do? You don't just lie there. You crawl out of the rubble, hideously scarred, and swear vengence on the world. You keep going. You keep trying to take over the world."